What is FTB Coin?

FTB stands for “Free Token Box”

This FTB coin project is launched with Blockchain Technology.
To make the project successful in detail, we use blockchain
network in serveral sectors inorder to secure assets,
staking and sharing revenue to participants.

What is the Revenue Source?

BitMEX (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) is the future trading exchange platform, that uses fast analytics on Big Data for 1 year and 6 months.

This system uses predictive analytics,virtual reality, algorithms,lot of mathematicians, chart designers, programmers for the operation of AI Robot for long time.

We offers 12 strategies with stable profit high yielding programs and low risk.

FTB Group’s Business Expansion

FTBD is currently operating as a Stable Token available for real life
Business Model(BM).

A long term operational business model is proposed with various sub
projects are operated using the Crowd Funding Method.

Staking Programs

We offers various level of staking programs choosing from 6% or 8% or 10% on monthly interest for different products in high returns.

Data Update

AI BOTS need to update data regularly inorder to get good results. In FTB, profits are generated by trading and training programs and the data is reflected in the system for optimal results.

Revenue Sources

AI BOTS and Trading results are transparent, so anyone can check the profit status. so revenue earning will be seen and managed on main dashboard.

Crowd Funding

Various crowd funding projects are launched and utilized to diversify the products like Staking and Trading in blockchain asset.

Participate in FTB Staking Program!

Earn Bitcoin everyday and withdrawal by end of every week!

Short Term returns available with interest of 6% for 30 days that pays principal at maturity! We also offer long term returns based on the particpants tastes.

Try out Trading Bot and earn profits with virtual account.

Once account is confirmed, you can start experience trading.

Trading Bots will increase your asset to bits anytime, anywhere !!

It‘s not just a formula, but a masterpiece of last
1 year and 6 months to get expertise as a a real master trader.

We are proud to be the world’s leading Software Mining Program.


Stable with 30MMS speed
AI Trading Bot


Cryto Tab with various Strategies


Multiple devices support synchronization.


Mining is built into the browser.


User-friendly custom interface.

Contact us now, if you want to experience the profits of trading
bots or interested to participate in our Program.

*Target Sectors : Users who want to see stable profits from Bitcoins, users who want to earn online using online revenue
generating programs,Users who want to get high profits in a short period of time rather than existing financial sectors,
users who want to trade directly,users who want to be trained and learn about crypto and futures trading professionally.

Register Now to experience the future of payments and
provide your customers with the best payment experience.

Join with our Software Mining and Earn Profits!

This is the era of mining in software which is similar to POW method.
Software mining is very popular these days because of AI trading
using bot professional trainers to earn large amount of profits.

Around 12 types of strategies used in AI trading bot,
participant can select based on their preferences.

Once you select the strategy, you can start mining and
get higher profit return or you can participate in our training
program to learn professionally on how to do mining.

All of this is done through FTB coins platform.